Nano Catalytic Instant Water Converter or NCIWC is exclusively designed one time fixture which performs the dual function of scale prevention as well as scale removal, bacteria, destruction of algae and bio film, Without using any kind of chemicals, salts membranes or filters. NCIWC is 100 % environmental friendly with zero maintenance.

Our converter NCIWC has a Catalytic chamber where we create an artificial turbulence leading to particle breakage using unique materials that alters the state of calcium carbonate & Magnesium Sulphate. These mineral are retained in the water but under a different structure which cannot bond and form scale.

The NCIWC with turbulence & particle breakage trigger the precipitation of calcium carbonate in water in the form of stable aragonite crystals. Existing scaling is also dissolved and previously deposited scale can be cleared over a period of time. The conversion in the water is permanent so that once treated the water remains treated for ever.

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Min. Order Quantity 1 Set(s)